Our mission is to help you start a new life
from the "ground" up.






Mother's Vault is an all-natural, organic based company that focuses on finding the most environmental way to create products our customers will love. We are based in California, and launched our company in June, 2015. Our mission is to help you rid yourself of the “chemical shackles” applied by most companies these days. With a chemical free alternative, we can help you lead a more natural life. We take some of the world’s oldest, most treasured beauty secrets and ingredients and incorporate them into modern day products. Some of our key products, have unique ingredients such as activated charcoal which is derived from ancient medicinal techniques, and we are proud to say we have stuck to the root of those techniques while making sure our products have everything a modern day person would need.

Not only do we strive to take care of your body, but we like to give back to Mother Nature as well. With every product we strive to have Eco-friendly packaging and design, without compromising safety and quality. We also donate a portion of all proceeds to the EarthJustice Charity, the nation’s original and largest nonprofit environmental law organization! Feel comforted knowing our products have your best interest in mind. From Mother’s Vault to yours.
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